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Is your Fujitsu printer printing smudged copies, lines or distorted sorts of images and texts? Don’t panic. Call Fujitsu printer Customer Care to get rid of such difficulties. Fujitsu Ltd.,ranked first in Japan and it is the world’s fifth-largest IT service provider. It is the leading Japanese information and communication technology company which chiefly makes computing products but its subsidiaries provide a diverse range of products and services in the areas of enterprise computing, personal computing. It also includes mainframe server products as well as telecommunications, storage products and advanced microelectronics.

The Fujitsu printers have a legendary reputation in the market for heavy-duty multi-part printing invoices. We all are well aware of the purpose and advantage of printers in office or home. Those who have used it must have experienced certain problems in it. Whether it is that your printer has run out of ink or your feeder is jammed with paper, there is always something which goes wrong with the printing device. Here we are offering a list of some of the common printer problems.

Are you facing connectivity problem with your Fujitsu Printer?

Printers can be connected either through a network or locally. If you are facing issues with its connectivity, ensure that the USB cable is connected to both the printer and computer if you are using the USB cable. If still, the connection is not working, the USB or printer drive can be faulty or corrupted. The issue could also stem from wrong configuration or wrong IP address. You can try to reconfigure it but if don’t have experience with printers, contact our specialist to resolve the issues as any ordinary mistake might make your issue more complex.

Are you facing paper jams issues in your Fujitsu printer frequently?

Paper jams can occur due to numerous reasons like if your paper rollers are damaged, your papers are loaded incorrectly, the loaded papers are dirty, torn or damp, the paper tray is loaded with different types of paper or any object is obstructing the path of the paper. Whatever be the reason, to resolve this issue you need to open your printer, take the toner out, gently pull the paper out and reset the printing device. If then also you are having trouble with it, you can call us and we will assist you the best we can.

Any technical glitches in your printer can affect both its functionality and its performance and it may bring out serious damages to its hardware or software components so the user should take care of it and reset the device if there is any problem. Call our Fujitsu Printer Customer Care service immediately to get rid of all your printing issues.

We provide following service to our clients:

  • Troubleshoot the problem in your printer and replace the drum or toner, if required
  • Helps in all types of installation and set up problems
  • Provide support for configuring your printer
  • Resolve paper jams issue and other errors like 50.4 error, Spooler error, duplex printing error, etc.
  • Deal with connectivity problem of your printer
  • Diagnose and fix all hardware and software problems
  • Solve all image problems like text truncating, missing colors, distorted, pixelated image, etc.

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