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Fujitsu Ltd. is the world’s tenth largest IT service provider. The company chiefly makes computing products and it also offers a diversity of products and services in the areas of personal computing. It manufactures products like PCs, Notebooks, Printers, workstations, servers, software, telecommunications, smartphones, scanners, mainframe computers, etc.

Printers are an irreplaceable asset for offices and businesses. But while working in a busy office, if your printer refuses to print or it causes any problems, it might annoy you. Some of the common issues that the user encounters usually are discussed below.

Is your Fujitsu printer not printing?

If your device is not printing, check to ensure that your printer is connected via USB or Ethernet cable. If your device is a wireless model then make sure that your Wi-Fi is enabled and you are connected to the right network. If it is connected, install the printer driver and software properly. If the driver is corrupted, it should be reinstalled by checking the latest version from manufacturer’s website. If still, it doesn’t work, call us at our Fujitsu Printer Technical Support.

Did you fail to print from your mobile device?

If your printer is a non-WiFi model or of an old one, you can print from a mobile device or a tablet. You can print through a non-Wi-Fi printer by using one of the programs that require a utility on a networked computer to be installed. Even Cloud printing services like Google Cloud Printer and Cortado ThinPrint Cloud Printer work across platforms, various device types and non-WiFi printers. They tend to limit the print from a selected set of apps. So, if you fail to use these programs, contact us for installing and giving suggestions regarding how to use these programs for printing.

Does your Wi-Fi printer take too long to print any document?

One way of improving Wi-Fi performance is by placing the printer very close to the router. This not only increases the output but also reduces printing time. But be sure that your printer placement is flexible enough to retain your wireless printing promises and its firmware is updated. Besides, you can also use a repeater or a wireless extender to increase the performance if it is needed. If still, your problem remains unresolved, take our immediate support.

If you encounter any such situation or find any difficulty in your printing device, call us and avail our premium quality service.

Some of the services that we offer to our clients are:

⦁    Resolve your printer problems if it fails to print

⦁    Replace the cartridges if your printer claims to be running out of ink

⦁    Choose the updated drivers from manufacturer’s website

⦁    Place your printers in a proper place with the router to improve Wi-Fi performance

⦁    Helps by adding a repeater or wireless extender

⦁    Adjust the settings of your printing device so that the printed text is clear

Dial Fujitsu Printer support Number for further inquiry:

You can communicate with us by calling us at our Fujitsu Printer support Number 1-800-889-6049 or even avail our email support. You might also take our Live chat support and resolve your queries online.

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